Police Officer Civil Rights Violations

Police Officer Civil Rights Violations
It can be scary and overwhelming to be stopped by the police, arrested, or subjected to a police investigation.  While the majority of police officers follow the law and do what is right, there are some rogue police officers who violate the civil rights of others.  In order to protect yourself from these kinds of civil rights violations, it is important to recognize when your rights may have been violated.

Violations of Civil Rights

A police officer may have violated your civil rights if:

•    An Officer Used Unnecessary Force Against You: if an officer used more force than necessary to arrest you, beat you, used a taser that caused an injury, or allowed a jailhouse beating to occur then the officer may be guilty of police brutality and may have violated your civil rights.
•    An Officer Failed to Protect You: If an officer deliberately failed to protect you and did not do his or her job then your civil rights may have been violated.
•    You Were Wrongfully Convicted: if you were convicted of a crime based on information that was fabricated or made up by the police then your civil rights may have been violated.

What to Do if Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated
The Chicago lawyers of Dolan Law Offices believe that the majority of our nation’s police officers are good people who provide much needed protection to the citizens of this country.  We believe that the best way to honor our hard working and ethical officers is to hold unethical officers responsible when they break the law.

If you believe that a police officer has violated your civil rights then it is important to hire an experienced lawyer to help you with your claim.  You

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